Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Reference Frame: Obama, Chu kill funding for FNAL's ILC, half of LBNE

Chu et al. wrote to Oddone et al. at FNAL that the funding mustn't be interpreted as the current administration's disrespect for science or high-energy physics; it just means that they don't want to pay penny to it. You shouldn't forget this story next time when someone such as you will be saying that left-wing politicians are more pro-science than the right-wing ones.

Solar Irradiance Graph v World Meteorological Organization Temperature Graph | Climate Realists

Unless its just me, an increase in Solar Irradiance since the later part of the 1950's has coincided with and increase in world temperatures. The World Meteorological Organization seems to have overlooked this historic reference that has been recorded since 1610.

Will someone drop them a line on this, it may help them to understand how our climate works...its the SUN stupid....GR

Lorrie Goldstein: McGuinty’s green death march |

Ontario’s premier is leading his caucus … right over a cliff

The Winter That Wasn’t – Japanese Style | Real Science

Disappearing sea ice arrives in Japan.

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