Sunday, March 25, 2012

WaPo editorial board says you’re a bunch of delinquents |

What better way for the WaPo to demonstrate just how far removed from reality they truly are.

Tim Worstall: We Don’t Consume Resources, We Create Them |

One of the points that economists have a really hard time getting over, probably because it is so counter-intuitive, is that we human beings don’t really consume resources, we create them. This has implications for huge swathes of the environmental movement and also for certain parts of the Peak Oil theory.

New wind tower guidelines aim to lower bird deaths |

The American Bird Conservancy, an advocacy group that has pushed for mandatory standards, said voluntary guidelines are largely unenforceable and will do little to protect millions of birds killed or injured by wind turbines

Americans Split on Energy vs. Environment Trade-Off |

Forty-seven percent prioritize energy production; 44%, environmental protection” Uh-huh… ask ‘em again when the lights go out or the heat goes off.

Articles: The Incredible Pliability of Fact and Statistics

 If you read only one thing this week, it should be this fabulous article by Justin Pulliam.

Pulliam reports on Lord Monckton's appearance at an upstate NY college in which he educated the hostile students and faculty into recognizing the truth. Anthropogenic Global Warming is poppycock, on a par with what my friend Rick Ballard called "the Skydragon":

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