Thursday, March 08, 2012

Why cities can’t tackle global warming on their own - The Washington Post

Whenever global warming drops off Congress’s radar, some environmentalists point out the real action is occurring locally, anyway. Some 500 U.S. mayors have signed pledges to reduce carbon emissions. Berkeley, for one, promises an 80 percent cut by 2050. But do these plans actually do anything?

Not really, it turns out.

The Global Warming Hoax at

And then we come back to Inhofe’s central point: That the left is using climate change as its latest excuse to impose taxes and regulations they have always wanted to pass anyway. Climate change is the latest cause to justify income redistribution and limits on growth the left has always sought. Inhofe exposes how deep this conspiracy goes and chronicles the delightful retreat of the greens in the face of Climategate over recent years.

A great read!

Robert Bryce: Windmills vs. Birds

For years, the wind energy industry has had a license to kill golden eagles and lots of other migratory birds. It's not an official license, mind you.

But as the bird carcasses pile up—two more dead golden eagles were recently found at the Pine Tree wind project in Southern California's Kern County, bringing the number of eagle carcasses at that site to eight—the wind industry's unofficial license to kill wildlife is finally getting some serious scrutiny.

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