Saturday, April 07, 2012

Articles: 'Fakegate': Climate Change Fanatics Wage War on Dissenters

Bast subsequently told me: "The Left has attacked our donors before, but never had a list, and never had a fake memo to use that made it sound like we were truly evil and deliberately misleading people about our program.  That's what Fakegate provided...and the wacky Left let loose the hounds at "Forecast the Facts."

The ugly battle between rural residents and alternative energy mandates in California | Watts Up With That?

Seems the Mojave evictions WERE to make way for solar and wind projects

Uttered in 2008, still haunting Obama - Print View

The White House denies that Obama’s aim is to deliver the death blow to coal.

When ExxonMobil embraced the job-killing carbon tax | Edmonton Journal

ExxonMobil lobbyists even created a Powerpoint presentation they would tote around congressional offices arguing in favour of the carbon tax.

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Gore's Current TV now claims its former anchor 'specialized in pounding the table' without facts on his side

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Sea levels rose 15 times faster 14,600 years ago

According to a paper just published in Nature, global sea levels rose between 14 to 18 meters over a period of not more than 340 years during the last deglaciation from 14,650 to 14,310 years ago. This equates to ~0.47 m/yr or 47 mm/yr, an entirely natural change more than 15 times faster than the 3.1 mm/yr rate of global sea level rise  reported since 1993. 

Smoking Gun : EPA Busted For Glacier Fraud | Real Science

Now here is the real kicker.

...For nearly two centuries before 1941, Muir Glacier had been retreating.

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