Thursday, April 12, 2012

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I find the whole thing rather exasperating to tell the truth. Keenan's point - that we cannot detect any global warming signal in the temperature records - and Denning's point - that CO2 is a greenhouse gas - both seem to me to be substantive, but not decisive. The conversation would be more meaningul if both parties need to recognised this, and discussed what would be decisive.

Earth Hour: 0.08 per cent of bugger all | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Alan Moran on the most pointless stunt in aid of the most pointless cause:

All those darkened buildings, all that hype about switching off to save the planet! How successful is the tidal wave of support demonstrating our commitment to showing an example to the world?

you can’t see windmills in mist and driving rain! | ScottishSceptic

I was talking to a close relative, who had previously accepted the warmist stance, when they out of the blue volunteered the statement that climate scientists were “untrustworthy”. Likewise I was attending a meeting of university educated people – who go out of their way to recycle -  and a proposal for the meeting to be in future “carbon neutral” was raised. Before I even had a chance to speak, the idea had been dropped by the members.

One swallow doesn’t make a spring, nor do two snowflakes make a winter, but I am increasingly getting the feeling that people have gone off this CO2 warming malarky.

Pachauri Knew AR5′s Outcome Five Years In Advance

Why even pretend they are doing science? The outcomes were determined by politicians before the scientists even started.

Natural Gas Signals a ‘Manufacturing Renaissance’ |

AS horizontal drilling and the controversial extraction technique known as fracking have made domestically produced natural gas more available and sharply cheaper, that gas has been widely embraced by industry, electric utilities and trucking fleets.

The New Nostradamus of the North: Putin knows that the shale gas revolution will lead to the end of his corrupted regime

Russia´s ruler Vladimir Putin seems to realize that the American led shale gas revolution will in the end lead to the demise of his corrupted regime. In a speech to the Russian Duma Putin desperately urged energy giant Gazprom and other Russian energy companies to find ways to stop the shale gas revolution:

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