Friday, April 13, 2012

Eat less meat to prevent climate disaster, study warns | Environment |

Meat eaters in developed countries will have to eat a lot less meat, cutting consumption by 50%, to avoid the worst consequences of future climate change, new research warns.

How Did Duck Billed Dinosaurs Get Through Dark, Polar Winters? - Science News - redOrbit

Researchers from the University of Cape-Town, the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, and Temple University have discovered that duck-billed dinosaurs endured long, dark polar winters. These dinosaurs lived within Arctic latitudes approximately 70 million years ago, and rather than migrating south for the harsh winters, they simply stayed put.

How do we know how cold it was at a given location 70 million years ago?

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Only half? Sheesh! :( : About Half of Americans Fear Global Warming (Infographic)

Climatologist Dr. Pielke comments on Attribution of the Warm Winter To Global Warming – An Example Of The Mistatement Of Reality By Some Climate Scientists | Climate Depot

'[Hansen] has, as with Andrew Weaver, failed to quantify his statement with real world observations. This figure shows that much of the planet, in terms of areal extent, was cooler than average'

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Yale : Global Warming Causes AIDS:
These are the shrieks of desperation. Global temps are falling

Builders Bash Green Deal: Impractical, Unpopular And Counterproductive

The UK’s building trade body has bashed laws which could mean homeowners have to spend thousands of pounds extra on green home improvements when they extend their homes.

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