Thursday, April 12, 2012

European carbon markets sagging | Marketplace from American Public Media

David Brancaccio: One thing Europe does not need is another quote "sickly" market. This time, it's the market for carbon credits. Prices have collapsed for the right to spew carbon dioxide into the environment. And today at a big European Union energy conference in Brussels, some policy makers are working to change that.

Renewable Sources of Power Survive, but in a Patchwork |

JUST a few years ago, the future of renewable energy looked as bright and shiny as a white turbine blade coming out of the mold.

The federal government was handing out money under the stimulus package, states were approving clean energy mandates, young companies were racing ahead with promising new technologies and big global developers were planting stakes for ambitious, utility-scale projects.

Now that picture has dimmed. The low price of natural gas has made renewable power less appealing to utilities and energy companies.

Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Where Did Those First Solar Subsidies Go? $32 Million went to their Failed CEO

Yep, they can’t scrape up $16.3 million of their own money for a factory but they can find $30 million to give to an unproven CEO they eventually had to ride out on a rail.

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