Friday, April 13, 2012

Even Warmist "scientists" don't mention any scientific facts in defense of their beliefs

Warmists normally defend their beliefs by saying "The experts tell us" and speak of "The science" but never mention any actual scientific facts. But surely "The experts" themselves have some facts to put forward? Nope. I reproduce below the full screed put out by none other than "hockeystick" Mann in defense of his position. It too is full of accusations and complaints but references not one scientific fact. He claims that the globe is warming etc. but gives no evidence for that assertion. He can't, of course -- because it isn't. So it's no surprise that he doesn't even give a link to any report that would support his assertions

Hansen Has Been Making The Same Mistakes For Over 20 Years | Real Science

In February 1991, Hansen was blaming record warmth in Washington on global warming. Meteorologists were saying he was wrong. Same story repeats itself in 2012, only now he is joined by other idiots at NOAA.

NASA 1986 : All Life Extinct In A Few Decades | Real Science

If you are reading this, you are already dead.

Science so settled we need to throw more money at “climate research” |

Met Office hails £60m fund to boost UK climate change research

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