Friday, April 13, 2012

The free frontier | Climate Nonconformist

One need look no further to find evidence of skeptic domination of the internet than the results of this years Bloggies. Skeptics blogs that either won a category or were nominated included Jo Nova, Australian Climate Madness, Watts Up With That, Tallbloke’s Talkshop and Climate Audit, with The Reference Frame being a previous winner. It’s an arena where the warmists have simply been left behind, with Real Climate and Skeptical Science overwhelmed by the phenomenon of WUWT. It is blogs like these that make up what is otherwise a substantial media deficit for skeptics, with the mainstream media in most parts of the western world reluctant to consider a non-alarmist, unexciting point of view.

It was the issue of climategate in particular that the internet was of critical importance. While most media outlets refused to touch the story, hoping it would blow over, bloggers like Anthony Watts, James Delingpole and Andrew Bolt had exposed the shady goings-on at the CRU. Actually, late 2009 was rather important for internet-based skeptics in two ways. The other was a video of Lord Monckton explaining to a Minnesota think tank the contents of a draft Copenhagen agreement that went viral. Both events, which reached a broad audience through the magic of the internet, were of the utmost importance in determining the failure of the Copenhagen summit.

How airports like BWI help set outlier high temperature records | Watts Up With That?

For a brief 10 minutes, the steady NW wind that persisted all day at BWI shifted to a westerly direction. That allowed the  HEAT from the nearby runway to provide a quick 3 degree warm-up between hourly obs. Once the winds shifted back to a NW direction, the temperature fell back to 59 degrees.

The NWS employee concurred that the extra warmth came from the runway.

Global Warming is real (thanks to poorly-sighted thermometers)! This is the second time Justin observed a false high temperature reading this week at BWI.

The New Nostradamus of the North: 10.0000 wind turbine enthusiasts take high carbon footprint flights to Copenhagen

Over 10.000 wind power subsidy beneficiaries enthusiasts from all over the world are taking high carbon footprint flights to Copenhagen this weekend for the European Wind Energy Association´s annual celebration of this costly and ineffective form of energy production:

Mikey Mann believes warmists will inevitably lose |

As he said “ … the truth about global warming will inevitably gain wide acceptance” Amen to that, Mikey! Unfortunately that’s about the rational item in this piece in e360:

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